Science of happiness is live and kicking! Increasing happiness is finally scientifically based. Did you know? A set of simple ideas and tools to live will make your life better and happier, but are not easy to do and practice. Science of happiness proves that Kindness and Gratitude, being consistently practiced will make your life better and increase your happiness.

But your life is very busy, you don’t have time?

That’s because most of our life is hectic and dramatic and its not easy to consistently practice anything out of the regular routine, in all the drama around.

challenge:happiness is a happiness journey, in a fun way. A unique happiness app and game to help you practice Kindness and Gratitude consistently, together with your close friends. Easy to use, fun to play, support from good friends.
Take the happiness challenge directly from your smartphone and together with your best friends.

challenge:happiness is in the workshop and will be coming soon.

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